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A mind alone is never sufficient enough. With our traditions and hereditary pros and cons, we begin life with fewer worries and begin to think that everything is already laid out for us. Even celebrities get caught up in dim-witted decisions and a web of mundane responsibilities before even trying to use the remaining 90% of their brain.

Mind over Matter in Hollywood

Our Brains Power is limitless and we can do a multitude of things if we are passionate enough. We can learn a lot from simply observing and absorbing general information from our surroundings as opposed to a vacant wandering mind.

Allow me to cite some examples of an empty and void mind.   

Look before you Leap!

    A Thousand Words, a film casting Eddie Murphy is an example of controlling our speech by thinking before we open our mouth. In the movie, Eddie Murphy loves to babble. A tree depicted in the movie begins to shed its leaves one by one for every ruthless word spoken by him. After the tree has shed all its leaves, the actor realizes his mistakes and chooses to speak wisely here-after.

Set in a comical scenario, the film teaches us how our minds can control the way we talk and what we say besides the consequences of our spoken words.

Our intelligence can help us use our mind to accomplish goals in life and make our future better.

You did what!

Britney Spears, a famous singer and actress enjoyed stardom from an early age. With the intellect of a keen teenager and an eager child-artist she was willing to succumb to the increasing demands of the stardom. During this time she became thrilled at being photographed by David La Chapelle who was a famous photographer with the Rolling stones magazine. She posed for him in an unbuttoned sweater and white shorts with her collection of play dolls in the background.

       Seeing the image, we all know what is more provoking in the frame, definitely not the Dolls. Admittedly she regrets her actions but her situation is another fine example of the importance of a sharp mind. It remains vital to train and empower our mind. With sufficient learning and understanding we can avoid similar pit-falls in life. All in all the Girl did well and has overcome her past traumatic experiences with major advancements in the musical industry. Simon Cowell is even rumored to have offered this musical enigma big money to act as a judge in the new X-Factor.

It is widely believed that we humans use on about 10% of our brain. Within only 10% brain activity we follow our daily routines. If we were to use the other 90%, imagine what we could achieve.

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