The Brain of Man
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The Brain of Man

Men can only think with one head at a time. Studies suggest when he's even just a little turned on, the brain chemicals released at arousal cause his awareness to shift into sex mode. This make it hard for him to pay attention to anything else. Know more about the brain of a man by reading more.

What is in a man's brain.  According to research:

One head.  He can only think with one head at a time.  Studies suggest when he's even just a little turned on, the chemical released arousal actually cause his awareness to shift into sex mode.  This is harm for him to pay attention to anything else.

He can't hear you.  He can't hear you over the television.  Men lack the brain makeup allowing them to multitask. Switching focus between you and the screen doesn't come easily to him.  Men have poorer hearing than women, so he turns out auditory input in order to listen to another.

The male brain is more compartmentalized than women. So he's more likely to live day-to-day thinking of one thing at a time, than looking at the big picture.

He won't listen.  Scientific evidence shows there are significant gender differences in how men and women process language.  According to brain imaging studies show that the neurons on both sides of the female brain are activated when they are listening.  While men's neurons are activated on one side of the brain.  Yes, he really is only listening with half his brain!


Man think about sex.   Men in love are men in lust.  Men really do have one thing on their minds: Sex.  Using a functional MRI scanner, researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey analyzed the brain activity of 17 young men and women who claimed to be madly in love.  They determined the following reports.  A woman in love is an emotional woman, who isn't particularly focused on sex.  A man in love is a man in lust.  His brain shows extra activity in the visual areas that mediate sexual arousal.

According to the core finding of a study of Psychology of Women Quarterly, when a man and woman meet for the first time, men may be more likely to think about sex.  In the study researchers studied 43 men and 43 women.  Next they paired men and women who didn't know each other.  Afterwards, the pairs split up but before going their separate ways, they will rate their partners for traits such as: Extroversion (shy), Agreeableness (friendly), Sexual (sexy, seductive or flirtatious) and Physical attractiveness.

The results:  Men rated their female partner as more sexual than women rated their male partner, the researchers write.  Men gave their female partner higher sexual ratings if they found her physically attractive.


According to a renowned author there are reasons why men fear talking about sex-related problems due to the following reasons.

  • Fear of being detected.  Most men don't have the guts to mention what their sexual deficiencies are.  Studies show that a man will regard this problem as strictly a private matter.  His initial approach is to keep it to himself.
  • Lack of money.  Since greater number of men are still minimum wage earners, the issue of money often comes as an important deciding factor whether to bring the sex-related problem to a medical expert or just resort to self-medication.  There is a little or no money to spend to seek medical advice.
  • Ignorance.  Part of his ignorance is the refusal to adopt a proper nutrition to keep the body in optimum working conditions and the stubbornness to use safe-see practices.
  • Inhibition.  Some men discussing sex is still taboo.  Man cannot openly express the need for it.
  • STD fear.  There are the Sexually-Transmitted Diseases (STD) which most men refuse to discuss.  Be it a simple case of gonorrhea or a full-blown AIDS.  Men try their best to hide it because he is afraid to face the trouble of ridicule and social rejection.  Men try all sorts of self-medication instead of seeking professional advice.  Little do they know that such self-administered cures may actually be dangerous to their health says a medical doctor.

According to psychologists, guys don't like blurting out what's on their mind.  They are scared that their girlfriends might take their answers the wrong way, or expect something else to hear.  So, instead of prolonging the discussion, he goes to a quick exit by saying "nothing".  Listening is a basic element in communication, so to foster open communication lines with your man, listen to him even if he talks about topics that do not interest you.  If you seem interested in his favorite topics, it will be easier to talk to him about his deeper feelings because you have shown him that you care about what he thinks.


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     Hitti, Miranda, "Sex and Predatory Males", Women's Journal 15 Jul 08

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