Resources for People with Epilepsy
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Resources for People with Epilepsy

This article provides information on sites that people with epilepsy can use to get more information about epilepsy, connect with other people who have epilepsy, and also track their seizures. The reader will learn about three different websites,,, and, that they can register at to get information on epilepsy, connect with others who have epilepsy, and track their seizures so they can share the information with their neurologist, who will be able to suggest the best treatment.

If you've been diagnosed with epilepsy,  or know someone who's been diagnosed with epilepsy, you probably have a lot of questions.   Your neurologist (or your friend or family member's neurologist, if you're a friend or family member of someone who has epilepsy) can probably provide you with some information.  There are also several excellent online resources that people with epilepsy and their friends and family members can c heck out.  These resources provide not only information about epilepsy, but other resources as well.  This article will provide information on these different websites  and the information and resources they provide. - This site is an excellent resource for people with epilepsy.  It provides information on different types of seizures that are common for people with epilepsy, as well as information on different types of treatments. also provides information on the different tests used to diagnose epilepsy, how to respond when someone has a seizure, and different concerns for people with epilepsy, such as education and employment , and how to minimize the risk of injury when an epilepsy patient has a seizure. also has a seizure diary that people with epilepsy can use to track their seizures. - This site is specifically for tracking seizures.  People with epilepsy, or anyone else who has a condition that causes seizures, can track information such as the time the seizure happened, the type of seizure, how long it lasted, possible triggers,  and a description of the seizure.  The site can also be used to keep track of seizure medications, and it also has a report feature that can be used to keep track of medication dosages by day, week, or month, for either one month, three months, or one year.  You can then print these reports out and  bring them to your neurologist, so they can see what your seizure activity has been like.   This site is great if you just want to track your seizures, because you can also access the site on a mobile phone, and the site also has seizure log forms that you can download and print out so you can track your seizures even when you're not in front of your computer or don't have a mobile phone.

Patientslikeme - This site is designed  not only for people who have epilepsy, but for anyone who has a condition that needs to be managed on a regular basis.  It includes places where you can add information about the different conditions you have, your treatments, your symptoms, any tests you have done, any hospitalizations, plus it also has a doctor visit sheet that you can print out that you can print out  to show your doctor your stats since your last doctor visit. It also includes forums you can participate in, as well as an area where you can get information on different symptoms and treatments.

These are just a few of the resources available for people with epilepsy - there may be many others.  To find out about others resources, check out the Epilepsy Foundation's website, do a Google search for "epilepsy resources in (your city and state), or contact your neurologist.

Additional resources:

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Comments (1)

These are excellent resources for those with epilepsy or other conditions. I like the fact "patientslikeme" doesn't just cater to those with epilepsy, but with other conditions as well. Voted up!