Natural Supplements for Improved Brain Function
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Natural Supplements for Improved Brain Function

People who want to focus better at work and school need not get a prescription for risky drugs. A better alternative is natural supplements that improve the functions of our neurotransmitters. The key to improving memory, concentration, and motivation lies in the ability of the brain to make the connections it needs to make. There are some prescription drugs which may help but also come along with unwanted side effects such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. In order to avoid this, here are supplements that naturally occur in the brain and can be taken safely on a daily basis.


Not to be confused with L-Carsonine, L-Carnosine has an array of benefits, including the support of eye health, the improvement of muscle function in the elderly, and decreasing the severity of autism. Taking L-Carnosineon a daily basis can improve memory and energy throughout the day. It has also been popularized on the Dr.Oz show for it's use as an energizer, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging product. For best results it should be taken with L-lysine and Vitamin C. It is especially useful for vegetarians because it naturally produced in meat. This is not a short-term drug that you can take to cram for test. It's effects may be noticed over a period of thirty days. This is the most reliable supplement in keeping your energy and concentration high at a steady and safe level, without causing a terrible come down. 


Also known as PS, This is also a naturally occuring compound which is involved in the activity of neurotransmitters which are responsible for learning, memory, and mood. It is also supposed to improve reaction time and reduce the effects of cortisol, the stress hormone. Its effects are also not immediate, and must be taken regularly for the benefits to be significant. There are mixed opinions from people who have tried PS. Some say it is ineffective while others swear by it. This supplement appears to be most useful to people suffering from anxiety or Alzheimer's.


People don't always associate multivitamins with brain function or energy, but it makes sense doesn't it? If you are low on the vitamins your body needs, it will have a negative effect on your energy and your ability to focus. There are some multivitamins that are advertised specifically as energy supplements, but be careful because they are not all safe. Some swear by Alive, a women's multivitamin, but some have had side effects such as itchy skin. Make sure to do your research for anything you consider taking.

If pills are not your thing, try eating brain foods that contain the B Vitamins, L-lysine, and Vitamin C. These are necessary in maintaining energy and brain function.

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