Memory Loss : How It Can Be Avoided Through Proper Brain Exercises and Activities
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Memory Loss : How It Can Be Avoided Through Proper Brain Exercises and Activities

Brain exercises that stimulate brain activy helps improve brain health and avoid memory loss and even dementia.

Our brain needs a workout if we want to keep it strong and healthy and avoid memory loss. Eating brain foods, getting enough sleep, and avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol are not enough. We exercise to keep our body strong and develop muscles. Our brain also needs memory enhancing exercises and activities if we want to make it stronger and more active. We need to indulge in activities that will allow our brain to function better. Why do we need to do this? Brain enhancing exercises and activities help improve our memory and concentration, keeping it sharp and clear. Studies show that exercising the brain can protect us from memory loss as we age, or even dementia.

We don’d need to enrol to a special training courses to workout our brain. Although there are clinics that specialize in this field, there are also simple exercises that we can do to enhance our brain. Here are some of them.

1. Devote 15-20 minutes everyday in doing crossword puzzles, sudoku, and other brain games. This is a very cheap form of brain exercise since    almost all newspapers have these games. There are also some cheap brain game books available everywhere if we want to indulge in brain games not only as a brain workout but also as a hobby. The Internet also provides a lot of websites that allow us either to play these puzzles online or print them out. Here are some examples of websites that we can visit:

2. Do some neurobic exercises. In other words, go somewhere out of the ordinary. When we do the same things over and over in the same way, our mind does not register our surroundings anymore. To exercise our brain, what we need to do is to switch the way we perform simple daily routines like using our left hand instead of our right hand (for right handed and vice versa for left handed) in combing our hair, brushing our teeth, turning the faucets, cooking, etc. Another form of neurobic exercise is taking a different route in going to usual places we go to like the store, etc. We can also try showering or having a bath in the dark. Doctors advise variation in performing these simple tasks because these act as push-ups for our brain. These activities allow our brain to create new associations between the different parts of our body. In turn, these new associations strengthen our brain by causing new nerve cell pathways to form. Neurobic exercises also allow our mind to become more active and pay attention to what is happening around us.

.3. Learn something new (like language, hobby, game, etc). Constantly learning new things introduces our brain to new concepts and ways of looking at things. This is considered one of the best brain exercises in order to avoid age-related decline in brain function and weakening of the brain.

When trying to learn something new, we should always go with our personal style. Some of us may be highly visual while some may absorb more the new information and ideas that they hear. Thus, we should find out the most effective learning style for us. For instance, highly visual people will benefit more from a video while an auditory learner will learn better using an audio recording of the same material.

4. Get actively involved with social activities. Involving ourselves in volunteer services may reverse the risk of a declining brain function as we grow old. Participating in these programs is a good brain exercise. It increases our brain activity by using its cognitive abilities while we plan and organize.

5. Take deep breaths regularly. When we take deep breaths, we bring in more oxygen into our blood, and eventually, to our brain. Oxygen is a major component for our brain for it to function normally. Taking deep breaths as a brain exercise not only brings in the much needed oxygen in our brain. Several deep breaths also helps us to relax, a mood which is conducive to clearer thinking.

These are just a few of the many brain exercises and activities that we can do to improve our memory and keep our brain healthy. What is important is for us to be able to choose the brain exercise that suits our individual needs. We should also make sure to do variations in our brain exercises and activities so that they don’t become tiring and boring. Remember, the more brain exercise we do, along with a healthy diet, the healthier our brain and our body will become..

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Comments (7)

Very good and practical tips. Will have to seriously start doing something. Thanks for sharing.

Good one Maria - Brainwave entrainment is also a consideration.

@Rana, you are right. it is better to start early.There is nothinh like a healthy brain and a good memry.

@Colin: Thanks, yes, brainwave entertainment is also an effective technique which is an entirely new topic on itself :)

Wow, great brain exercises, stumbled.

Thanks for your support always, Ron

nice article. even if you have a proper brain exercises and activities you still need a supplement to help you. I use Focus factor and it is great. it has everything you need for a sharper mind. i use it every time i have an exam. i found about it from you can try it and see if it helps.