Brainpower Get Better With Age
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Brainpower Get Better With Age

According to researchers, what would you do without your brain. Brainpower get better with age. Know the reasons by reading more...

According to researchers, what would you do without your brainpower?  The hippocampus and prefrontal cortex are the two of several critical players in the areas of attention and memory of the brain.  Examples:  How you stay focused on task or recalling everything from moments of a favorite childhood vacation to where you kept your keys.  The prefrontal cortex takes in all information your brain receives, sorts it, prioritizes it and sequences it.  While your hippocampus plays a part in storing all of the new Intel.  In these areas, the more and healthier cells you have the better and stronger your focus and recall.

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Research has provided new information that may dispel old notions about intellectual development that intelligence peaks at 20.

More than 50 years ago, Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget theorized that mental growth proceeded in ordered stages through childhood until the age of 20.  Today researchers believes that mental development continues beyond adulthood.

Psychologist of Harvard and author of the book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligence, identifies different types of intelligences:

  • Linguistic
  • Spatial
  • Logical-mathematical
  • bodily-kinesthetic
  • musical
  • self-knowledge

For years, it had been the standard by which a person's intelligence is measured.  The latest trend in intelligence is more acquired skill than a natural talent.

According to researcher Jonathan Baron, a new theories promote that intelligence is more of a skill acquisition  than a natural talent.  Because rules of rational thinking can be taught, people can be trained to be more intelligent.  And because it's growth is non-terminating, like the body growth process, intelligence can grow with age he added.  In other words, as you age, your body will inevitably change and become less and less attractive.  But the opposite happens to your mind.  As you get older it will grow in richness, in understanding, and in wisdom.

Declines in reasoning

The reason they found that declines in reasoning abilities occur because older adults don't use their intellectual skills as much as they used to, says a psychologist.  With just a short training program, he reversed declines in many people aged 65 to 95 and increased those abilities where there was no decline he revealed.  The newest research shows that you can get smarter as you grow older.

Intelligence deteriorates only when the person has stopped exercising it.  The old notion that intelligence goes away with age is not all true.

How to do conversational hypnosis

  • You have to shake your thoughts and insights.  Use words to express who you really are.  The right man for you will be enchanted by your mind when you do this.
  • Don't edit your opinions.  Don't edit your opinions just to get a man to like you.  You lose a piece of yourself when you sacrifice your own integrity.  If your man really loves you, even when he occasionally disagree with some of it's specific contents, he'll love the way your mind works.  He will still love you, because he loves your mind.  According to love experts, you rest assured that when you're already frail, white-haired and wrinkled, he'll still love you-because he loves your mind.           

Develop your brainpower

You feed data into your brains everyday of your lives, when you go to work or school.  Yet it's also good to educate your brain on matter that you don't use for your immediate activities.  Read the newspapers.  Or watch the news and TV or tune into a news program over the radio.  Keep abreast about what's happening with the world.  Read poetry, history, and philosophy.  Its time to sharpen up your mind,  Be open-minded, learn to concentrate, meditate and go back to school.

How your body can help?  Think of standing on one leg.  This trigger cell growth and strengthen existing cells in these parts of the brain.  The result : Better memory and attention skills.


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