Boost Brain Skills to Stimulate Brilliant Intelligence by 40%
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Boost Brain Skills to Stimulate Brilliant Intelligence by 40%

Most people worry about whether they are under-performing when it comes to brain power, and want to increase their intelligence and become far cleverer than they usually are. This guide explains how this is possible.

By the time people are adults most tend to assume that their intelligence is fixed and there is no way they are going to become far cleverer. At the same time they may have days when they feel they are under-performing, and not achieving the level of brightness their brain is capable of.

Recent studies suggest that you can become significantly more intelligent, up to 40% in fact, if you carry out the right mental tasks and challenge your brain more often. It would seem that certain activities, such as watching dumbed down television shows which don’t require you to think and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol may have the opposite affect to what you want to achieve. If you prefer to stimulate your mind however, you may be able to see a vast improvement in your level of intelligence quickly.


Try challenging your brain by doing crosswords. Sudoku isn’t simply a game to while away the hours when you are bored or travelling, as it could help stimulate your brain into action.

Watching Television programmes which stimulate your mind

Your brain can be stimulated by watching television programmes such as University challenge and Countdown. Not all TV programmes lead to brain drain. The ones which make you think and set your grey matter working could help you become much cleverer than you are at the moment.

Changing routine

Give your brain power a boost by changing your routine, such as the route you drive, cycle or walk to work. Having to learn a new way to get to work can serve as a useful brain exercise. Likewise, using your non-dominant hand to do tasks such as writing, painting or brushing your teeth could help too.

Scientists believe that making little alterations to your lifestyle such as this could benefit your brain functioning greatly.


Making lists is great as it helps you remember things, but memorising your list, rather than relying on it will enhance your brain power more. Try to remember your shopping list, or make a list, such as the order of planets in the solar system, to memorise. The more you practice the better you’ll get if you stick at it.

There’s even evidence that keeping your brain alive in the ways discussed in this article could help stave off Alzheimer’s, but why wait to take action until you become older? Now is the time to give your brain exercise, rather than when you begin to panic that your brain cells are not working.

If you want to become more intelligent stimulate your brain and give it a reason to work.

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Comments (12)

Happy to see crosswords is there. LOL

Nice tips to activate and stimulate brain power.

Smart and helpful info presented well.

Useful info, FB liked Bridget :)


Great article! Especially as you get older, it's good to learn something new that's challenging, even if you struggle at first it pays off.

Thanks Kathleen, The phrase 'use it or lose it' certainly comes to mind!

Great smart tips...voted up!

Thanks Jessie

Great tips! Reading is also a great brain booster. Voted!

Re-visiting this excellent article. : D


Another great brain exercise is learning & practicing juggling. It's actually been proven to increase gray matter in the brain in 7 days. Here's the actual study from Plos One Science Journal: